PTO Board Meetings


Creekside Cooperative Charter School PTO

September 21, 2016 Parent Teacher Open PTO Meeting

Date, Time, Location: 9/21/16, 3 pm, school library

Meeting called to order by: Jill Milne, PTO President at 3 pm


Attendance: Jill Milne, Nicolle Sloane, Melissa Panico, Holly Colpitts, Kirsten Richenbach, Marissa Capellan, Chiara Gajar, Lisa Castro-Waldorf, Cara Hunt, Grete Giesin. 


Business Discussed and Action Items

Middle School Enrichment: Chiara Gajar (for Tracy Smith)

  • Enrichment is going well for Middle School, with student-driven activities planned through December 9th for this quarter.
  • Cost is $300 per student for any or all of the activities.  At this time, it isn’t feasible to pro-rate for individual dates, unless the student is new to the school.  
  • There may still be a few students who have not paid, Chiara will follow up with Tracy to determine # enrolled and # paid. 
  • During study hall (which the students requested to be part of their enrichment program) students cannot go to the Village. They are to stay on campus and participate in the study hall part of the program.


K-5th Enrichment: Holly Colitis

  • Enrichment programming overall is going well.
  • We need some more parent volunteers – sign up sheets should go out and be put on the website.
  • We are seeking support to help with behavior modification to address behaviors that disrupt programming.   
  • Holly will create a Code of Conduct. This will be distributed via Jeff through the weekly chat, a print out will be sent home with all of the students (parents must sign and return to Holly). Teachers will be asked to include it also in their class e-mails to parents. A poster with the Code of Conduct will be created and displayed at the front entrance of Rideout for all students and parents to see. Program instructors will reiterate Code of Conduct at the beginning of their class sessions with the students. Teachers will be asked to communicate the Code of Conduct to the students before they leave class on Thursdays.
  • A new system will be introduced in which a student is warned once and if behavior is not modified correctly s/he will then sent out to Holly and she will make a phone call to the parent to pick up the child and the child will miss the next Enrichment Friday.
  • Maybe the Creekside teachers can provide Holly and parent volunteers with some tools/ideas to help with the behavior modification.
  • Kim Kerrigan is a great resource for pulling parents in to volunteer. Maybe asking parents to pick one Friday out of the semester to spend the day at enrichment.
  • Overnight trip will take place November 4-6. K and 1st have the option to stay just one night. The rest of the grades have to pay for both nights even if they stay for one night. Holly is figuring out the cost.


Winter Enrichment: Kirsten Richenbach


  • Trying to make it more of a “Winter Enrichment” program rather than just focusing on skiing. Trying to set up a few ice skating days as well.
  • Also trying to do some Nordic days at Tahoe Donner along with the Tahoe City Nordic Days so Truckee people don’t have to drive so far for all of the Nordic.
  • She will have a price for everything in next couple of weeks.
  • Signups will begin before Thanksgiving break.

Budget: Melissa Panico

  • $32,000 in bank
  • Revenue for this year is $125,000, payout is $115,000. We may want to give more money to school. Overall, this will be a good test year.
  • PTO is helping to pay for some teachers’ salaries. Because enrollment is not where it needs to be, we need to supplement Spanish and Music.


  • Every parent needs to know about Amazon Smile. Information on it needs to be printed out and given to the teachers to send home with students. Must also go out in Jeff’s chat and in the teacher emails to the parents.
  • There will also be three tiers of what parents can donate financially to the school. Trying to get this set up online so it’s easy for them.
  • Kim will be modifying what Classroom Parent Representative (Parent Rep) means. Ideas: plan parties, plan field trips, organize transportation for field trips, help with class fundraising, teacher gifts, attend PTO meetings and report back to teachers.
  • To possibly assist in drawing 7th graders to return for 8th grade, have the DC trip for the 7th graders and the Catalina trip for the 8th graders.
  • Want to bring in Tahoe Safe Alliance for 7th and 8th graders to help students foster safe and healthy relationships in their tween/teen years. Need help paying for it. (They did it last year. Monica set it up.)
  • Planned Parenthood will do sex education with 8th grade. Paid for last year by PTO and a parent. Parents could help raise some money for it this year.
  • Ms. Gillian thanks PTO for lowering Pigeon Point trip by half.
  • 6th grade thanks PTO for $2,000 for Yosemite trip.
  • Greta and the Visual Storytelling class is doing a video for a contest called “Why Your Charter is the Best Charter.” Could win the school $100,000.

Motions Voted On:

  • Voted unanimously that Lynn Bohrnstedt can sign checks.
  • Nicolle Sloane voted in as Secretary
  • Cara Hunt voted in as Communications Coordinator
  • Lisa Castro-Waldorf voted in as Fundraising Coordinator

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Minutes compiled by Nicolle Sloane, Secretary