Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to run our Enrichment program at this time.

The category of charter school Creekside has chosen allows us much freedom to be creative with the structure and curriculum. However, with this category, California Charter law requires that paid staff can only plan and conduct curriculum for less than 80% of the school week. A major part of adhering to this requirement – the school does not have scheduled class time on Fridays (21% of the academic year).

Students of Creekside Charter and Squaw Preparatory School are required to document independent academic engagement on Fridays, which they can do either by completing Independent Study assignments at home. Enrichment Fridays offer our children a supervised, experiential educational environment that meet the independent academic engagement requirements for up to 60% of the academic year.  During winter season Enrichment Fridays build camaraderie and exposure to nordic and downhill skiing.

Our enrichment program is divided into 3 sessions; Fall, Winter, and Spring.  This allows more flexibility for parents to choose just the season or season(s) they wish their students to attend. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a drop-in daily fee structure.  In order to attend any of the Friday sessions within a specific season, you must pay for the entire session.

By having students sign up and pay for the session they plan to attend, we are able to schedule and pay teachers, budget for the year, and plan classes based on number of students attending.

We always need volunteers!  If you have a free Friday, or even a half -day, please contact the enrichment coordinator for your child’s program!

Enrichment Volunteer Signup Sheet

TK-4 2018/19 Enrichment will take place at the Truckee Recreational Center with such activities as rock climbing, swim lessons, science, art, lego engineering, and music.

FALL Enrichment Documents

PTO Emergency Card

Enrichment Code of Conduct