Pizza Program Continues in 2016

The PTO is excited to continue the spectacular Pizza Thursday’s Program. We will be offering a one-time payment for the entire program. This will include 20 Pizza Thursdays. If you sign up online by Wednesday, January 13th – we will include 2 free Thursdays! We can only offer this discount through the PTO website  The Program includes 2 slices of regular or gluten-free cheese pizza and fresh Caesar salad, and seconds are usually always available. The price per student is $7 for each Pizza Day. Our goal is to make sure the program is successful by streamlining the ordering and payment process. We have 20 Thursdays in the program until the last day of school, and if you sign up by the deadline you will only pay for 18, and receive 2 free. This is a wonderful value for families!

Purchase the Spring 2016 Pizza Program below:

Please note that the program runs smoothly due to our awesome volunteer parents! We want to thank all of the parents who donate their time to ensure the success of this program! We are looking for more volunteers to help us serve pizza on Thursdays. Please visit the PTO website for a link to the volunteer page (CLICK HERE).  Just a few hours of your time makes a wonderful impact at our school, and it’s great to see the student’s smiling faces. Also, huge thanks to Fireside Pizza Company for offering us a discount and including paper plates, utensils and napkins

Open Parent Meeting Agenda

5pm at River Ranch

  • Highlights from last week’s PTO board meeting
    • Combining REEL fest and Souperbowl
    • GALA fundraiser (options for dates (3/5, 4/23, 4/30), creating sub committees, encouraging parents to find killer auction items.
    • Encouraging good behavior
    • Approval of funding Harvest of the Month
  • Margs social event went well.
  • FALL feast (11/19 @ noon) sign up for potluck on google docs
  • Fall enrichment update (Alicia)
  • Ski enrichment update (Kirstin) PTO approval of buying passes.
  • Treasurers Report
  • Round Table Discussion

Spring Enrichment Classes Starting April 17

Spring Enrichment classes are right around the corner, starting on April 17, the Friday after Spring Break and winter skiing. Payments can be made online at

**If a parent would like to be a regular aide in Kinder or 2nd and be there every week, they will have free tuition for 1 child. A $175 value and great appreciation!**

Spring Enrichment days:

April 17, 24
May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
June 5 there will be no classes, but a field trip to the Family Day at the Renaissance Fair in Camp Richardson

Classes for kindergarten-2nd grade will be from 9-2, and 3rd-6th grade will be from 9-2:30
Classes will be at the Rideout Community Center in Tahoe City.

Final schedule is attached below:

Download (PDF, 251KB)


PTO MEETING AGENDA –March 18, 2015

Creekside/Squaw Prep PTO
Wed. Mar. 18th 2015, 5pm
Location: At school, Squaw Valley

PTO General Meeting Agenda

  • Reports
    • PTO President – Jesse Desens
    • Treasurer’s Report – Alissa Morganti
    • Ski Enrichment Report – Kirsten Clark-Rickenbach or Brett Sayles
    • Spring Enrichment Report – Alicia Doherty
    • Souper Bowl Report – Melissa Houdus
    • Director’s Report – Carolyn
    • Assistant Principal – Gillian Tomasini
    • Teacher’s Report –
    • Squaw Prep Update – Sonya Wong
    • CCM Report
    • SAC Update
  • Discussion
    • Bylaws Update – April Meeting, Jesse
    • Upcoming Fundraisers – Fish Taco Night?, others
    • Board Positions available – Pres., Treasurer. Nominations/volunteers for April election
    • Other items
  • Action Items
    • Approve Funds Contribution
      • 7th and 8th grade bus trip funds – Auburn Field Trip
      • Pigeon Point Field Trip
  • Adjourn

Souper Bowl Poster Contest


What does this mean to you?

Here are some ideas:

How is our community special and what do we have to share?

What creates a strong community?

ONE winner from each class (K-6), and ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be selected from class finalists.

The grand prize Winner gets his or her artwork made into our promotional poster for the Souper Bowl!



Tuesday, March 2nd

Please turn in your artwork to your teacher by this date. Student art work will be displayed on campus. The student body will be given the opportunity to vote on their favorite. Paper for the poster will be given to your student.


Souper Bowl Commercial Contest


What does this mean to you?

Here are some ideas:

How can I build our community?

What does it mean to be from our community?

What creates a strong community?

ONE winner from each class (7 – 11) and ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be selected, by celebrity judges, from the finalists. Students will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite commercials.

The grand prize winner will have their commercial play on local media outlets and during the Souper Bowl!



Monday, March 23rd

Please upload your original work to the PTO website below.

Submissions can be video or slide show
Submissions should be no more than 30 seconds in length
Submissions may be from a single person or a team
One submission per student as an individual or as part of a team
Music and/or narration may be included in the submission
All submissions must follow the guidelines of school appropriate content

Use these popular editors to create your art:
iMovie, smilebox, Prezi, Animoto Video Maker, Movie Maker (windows)



PTO-Sponsored Town Hall Meeting

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
5:00 – 6:30
at OVL in Squaw
All parents are invited to attend. This is an opportunity for all members of the Creekside and Squaw Prep communities to meet the Staff of both schools, the PTO board members, CCM board members, SEF members, and the newly formed School Advisory Council. Questions are welcome, and we encourage open and respectful communication. This is an adults only event please!