Winter 2018 Enrichment Update

Creekside Enrichment Transforms into Squaw Kids

This program is designed for students to ski on Fridays with Ski Instructors from Squaw Kids, this will be for beginner to advanced skiers. This program is for students ages 5 and older. The program runs from January 19th to March 23rd, in the afternoons from 1:00 to 3:45. Please click on the next link for more information. Please note Creekside students will have a lower rate of $389 not the rate on the website for the program.

If you do decide to enroll your student in the Squaw Kids program, you will need to call Squaw Kids at 530-452-7222 on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 8:30 and 3:30 to sign up over the phone with a credit card. There is limited space so please sign up early. If your student also needs a season pass you will be able to purchase it through Squaw Kids as well at a discounted rate.

If you have any questions about this program please contact.
Karen Roske:

Squaw Kids will coordinate grouping based off of Creekside kids and try to keep them together, it will be based off of age and ability!

Winter Enrichment

The winter season is approaching and we are gearing up for another winter – with that starts our Ski Enrichment program on  January 13th.

The forms will be sent home this week in your child’s backpack, and you can view or download them here:

Intro Letter

Student Waiver

Squaw Waiver

Nordic Waiver

PTO Parent Waiver

The program will be the same as last year: 6 Alpine days at Squaw, 3 Nordic days at the Tahoe Nordic Center, 2 ice skating days at HighCamp. (Ice Skating is new this year)

Important:  We need payment and all four waivers sent back by December 15th in order to participate in the Ski Enrichment program. Please leave a check for $150.00 per child made out to Creekside PTO in the school office along with each of the four waivers found above. There is a box labeled PTO Winter Ski Enrichment in the office!

If you prefer to pay online by credit card: click here!

We are planning on having a quick ski enrichment meeting on Wednesday November 9th at 8:30 after drop off for any new families that have questions or concerns about the program.  Please read the Intro Letter for more information, and if you still have questions and can’t make the meeting – don’t hesitate to contact Kristen or Sarah (Their contact info is located in the Intro Letter.)

2015 Ski Enrichment Photos

The snow is dwindling and ski enrichment wrapped up in March. In spite of the challenging conditions, the kids had a great time. Thanks to Kirsten and all the volunteers for making 2015 a success!

PTO MEETING AGENDA –March 18, 2015

Creekside/Squaw Prep PTO
Wed. Mar. 18th 2015, 5pm
Location: At school, Squaw Valley

PTO General Meeting Agenda

  • Reports
    • PTO President – Jesse Desens
    • Treasurer’s Report – Alissa Morganti
    • Ski Enrichment Report – Kirsten Clark-Rickenbach or Brett Sayles
    • Spring Enrichment Report – Alicia Doherty
    • Souper Bowl Report – Melissa Houdus
    • Director’s Report – Carolyn
    • Assistant Principal – Gillian Tomasini
    • Teacher’s Report –
    • Squaw Prep Update – Sonya Wong
    • CCM Report
    • SAC Update
  • Discussion
    • Bylaws Update – April Meeting, Jesse
    • Upcoming Fundraisers – Fish Taco Night?, others
    • Board Positions available – Pres., Treasurer. Nominations/volunteers for April election
    • Other items
  • Action Items
    • Approve Funds Contribution
      • 7th and 8th grade bus trip funds – Auburn Field Trip
      • Pigeon Point Field Trip
  • Adjourn

Friday Ski Enrichment Location Change for Drop/Off and Pick up

Hello Creekside Enrichment Ski Families,
Due to our facility no longer being available for changing and storing our equipment at our present location by the team room.  We are changing our drop off and pick up location to Dave’s Deli, which is located in the Olympic House.  We will be able to have an inside spot to change as well as a storage room to store our bags.  No bags are to be left under tables while we are out skiing.  Squaw is donating this area to us so it is extremely important that we store our bags in the appropriate place as well as clean up after ourselves.
I am attaching a map of where Dave’s Deli is for those of you that are unfamiliar with the area.  We will start our pick up and drop off location this Friday January 30th at Dave’s Deli.
If you have any questions about this new drop off location, please contact either:

PTO Meeting Agenda – January 21, 2015

 Creekside/SquawPrep PTO Meeting Agenda

Wed, January 21
5pm – 7pm
Creekside Charter School
  •  Reports
    1. Presidents Report – Jesse Desens
      Ski Enrichment Report – Kirsten Clark-Rickenbach
    2. Spring Enrichment Report – Alicia Doherty
      Treasurers Report – Alissa Morganti
      Directors report – Camille Taylor/Gillian Tomasini
      Teachers report –
      CCM report –
  • Discussion
    1. Souperbowl – Melissa Hodous
    2. Proposed School Advisory Council – Donya Brown
    3. Other
  • Action Items
  • Adjourn

PTO Meeting Minutes – December 17, 2014

Creekside/Squaw Prep PTO
Regular Meeting
December 17, 2014

 In attendance:  Kirsten Rickenbach, Chiara Gajar, Theresa Anderson, Alicia Doherty, Lynda Walsh, Tess Timmins, Gillian Tomasini, Jesse Desens, Jennifer Worthy, Wendy Ackermann, Lynda Walsh, Camille Taylor.

Call to order: 3:10 pm.

Presidents Report (Jesse Desens):  Fall Feast seemed to run fairly smoothly.   A big thank you to everyone who helped and participated, it was a big undertaking.

Fall fundraiser/Reel Fest, thank you to everyone who helped, Trina, Sonya and all of the Squaw Prep parents that were involved.  This is what helps to unite Squaw Prep and Creekside.  The fundraising profits on this event were not huge, it was more about bringing the parents and teachers together and it seemed to work.

Treasurers Report (Report sent in by Alissa Morganti who could not be at the meeting):  Fall Enrichment totals are:  $24,052.57.  This falls under our budget of $24,840.00 for Fall Enrichment.

Creekside PTO has contributed $3,500.00 to Creekside Charter Management.  $2,000.00 of which went to the Fall Oddessey trip and $1,500.00 which went to MUN.  These funds came from Souper Bowl income and Iron Man donation. A check was given to CCM for the donation for Lab Equipment for Squaw Prep in the amount of $5,160.00.  Bank Balance is:  $20,165.53.

Skiing budget: 

Friday Ski Program Report:  (Kirsten Rickenbach):  Skiing budget of $10,000.00.  Taken in so far:

54 students have signed up for skiing, this is a smaller number of participation than in previous years.   45 paid so far.  4-5 Adults who will be skiing with groups will need passes and 10 students.  There is one Kindergarten student who has never skied before, hoping to hire Olivia to instruct.  35 – 40 volunteers have signed up to ski with the students.  Thank you to Cameron Bordner for writing up the liability release for the ski program.

Enrichment Report (Alicia Doherty):  Fall Enrichment:  the new structure, with one teacher staying with each grade seemed to work well and the transition periods went smoother.  Working on ideas for Spring Enrichment.  Will have a set teacher for each grade and extra teachers to help out.  Some of the classes include First Lego Robotics, Fox Walkers, and Improv.  The payment structure seemed to work.  Alicia would like to see the teachers getting paid for a day of prep. The overall  plan for Spring Enrichment will be presented in a month or so.

Teachers Report:  (Theresa Anderson):  Teachers met in Miss Jessica’s classroom about strategies on teaching, it was very positive and learned new ideas. They talked about lessons on how to coach other teachers. Donations for Reel Feast are appreciated and the teachers who were not at the Fall Fundraiser are excited to see the films at OVL on January 6.

(Tess Timmins):  Feast was awesome and a nice way to bridge gap between schools.  Reel Fest:  9th graders made the movies.  They were creative and had fun making these movies.  They learned a lot about real life commercials.  There was a lot of work that went in to the reel fest and incorporated the CA common core of 70% reading and writing.

Fall Oddessey trips were planned in hopes of bonding the students.  Spring Oddessey ideas consist of  smaller groups doing different trips possibly San Fran., Santa Cruz etc.  Teachers and students are thinking of ideas for fundraising for these trips. Maybe something such as a running race, something that involves the kids and the community, having a booth at Truckee Thursdays.

Discussion:  Ideas for next year’s Fall Feast:  Jazz band played which many families did not realize if they were in another room.  Maybe next year there should be an announcement and round everyone up.  Need to come up with some ways to keep kids contained.  Canned Food Drive:  organize kids to haul cans out.

  • Yoga studio in the village offering free yoga for the students, Squaw Prep students walked over.
  • Spring clean up to happen again.
  • Squaw Prep and Creekside students are writing letters of appreciation to Squaw for allowing our school to be here.
  • Art lessons in the classrooms- there are kits you can buy ($250.00/classroom) that have all of the materials and instructions for different art lessons.  We would need volunteer parents to come in to the classrooms and help with once/ month projects that would build off of each other.

Adjourn:  4:30 pm Alicia Doherty motions to adjourn, Wendy Ackermann seconds.

Agenda – PTO Meeting – Oct. 15, 2014

Creekside/Squaw Prep PTO Meeting
Wednesday, October 15
5:30 PM @ Creekside Charter School

1. Reports
Presidents Report – Jesse Desens
Enrichment Report – Alicia Doherty
Treasurers Report – Alissa Morganti
Directors report – Gillian Tomasini
Teachers report –
CCM report –

2. Discussion
Fall Fundraiser
Thanksgiving Feast
Squaw Prep Liasons

3. Action Items

4. Adjourn

Creekside & SVP 2014 – 2015 Student Directory

The Creekside PTO provides each school family with a student directory. This free directory is published for the sole use of the students and their families and should not be used for public distribution.
In order for your student(s) to be included in this directory, we MUST have your information AND signature by 9/18/2014. Without this signed form, your student’s information will NOT be included in the school directory. The form is available below. Questions? Call Melissa Hodous at 925-640-8238.

The directory is free because of generous families and businesses that purchase ads on the inside covers of the directory. A business card size ad is $25. Please call Melissa Hodous at 925-640-8238 for more information.


Download (PDF, 65KB)