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Tahoe Reel Fest – Dec. 5

Date: December 5, 2014

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: The Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema, Tahoe City


  • Visions of Learning” Short film clips created by students
  • Band: Horse Mouth
  • Food: Big Blue Q of Tahoe
    Choice of two sliders:
    Pulled Pork Slider w/Aged Balsamic Slaw;
    Tri-Tip Sliders w/Horseradish Cream Sauce;
    Grilled Veggie Sliders; and

    • Organic Baby Greens Salad
      Smoked Gouda Mac n’ Cheese

Event Payment: $30 plus $1 paypal fee

Volunteers are needed. Please signup below:

The student film information is located at:

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“Visions of Learning” – Submittal Guidlines

“Visions of Learning”
A film festival celebrating Creekside CoOp & Squaw Valley Preparatory Schools

The PTO presents “Visions of Learning”  A film festival celebrating Creekside CoOp & Squaw Valley Preparatory Schools. Showcasing the creativity and depth of our children’s  film talent in 2014, the Festival will their short works on the big screen.   On Friday December 5 at 6:30 pm, the PTO will host your family and friends at the Tahoe City Art Haus for a screening of your child’s work. Come enjoy company, friends, and refreshments, and most of all, your child’s original film on the big screen.

Guidelines for students:

Welcome to the “Visions of Learning”
A film festival celebrating Creekside CoOp & Squaw Valley Preparatory Schools

Have you ever shot a video or taken pictures of your school friends? Of yourself? Do you have a short story to tell about your experiences at school? We are looking for your best short work. Your submission will be played on the big screen at the Tahoe Art Haus on December 5. Work alone or with a team, you choose!

Submissions can be video or slide show
Submissions should be no more than 30 seconds in length
Submissions may be from a single person or a team
One submission per student as an individual or as part of a team
Music and/or narration may be included in the submission
All submissions must follow the guidelines of school appropriate content and copyright law.

Use these popular editors to create your art:
iMovie, smilebox, Prezi, Animoto Video Maker, Movie Maker (windows)

Please help make this event a success.
SVP middle and high school students lend a hand to your younger classmates! They may need help filming and editing their presentations. To be connected with a someone looking for help, email Sonya E.J. Wong
Creekside parents, if your child would like help filming or editing their submission, please email Sonya E.J. Wong

Please upload your finished work below by November 28.


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Family Fall Feast Signups

Welcome families to our second annual Family Fall Feast. Please sign up to bring a dish to share below.  Please bring cups, plates, and utensils for your family to use.

Look for more festive updates as the date approaches!

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PTO Meeting Minutes – October 15, 2014

Creekside/Squaw Prep PTO
Regular Meeting
October 2014

The October meeting of the Creekside/Squaw Prep PTO was held on Wednesday, October 15, 2014, at 5:30 p.m., on the school campus in Squaw Valley, CA. In attendance: Andrew Koijane, Lisa Smith, Brett Sayles, Alicia Doherty, Jenelle Potvin, Shelly Georgiu, Gillian Tomasini, Alissa Morganti, Jessica Loring, Trina Gold, Camille Taylor, Kirsten Rickenbach, Jesse Desens, Allison Schreiber and Sonya E.J. Wong.

Call to Order: 5:38 p.m. by Jesse Desens

1. Reports

Presidents Report – Jesse Desens

  • brief overview re the need for fall fundraisers
  • noted that the breakfast for Squaw Prep was successful this morning, catered by Banovich’s – please thank them.

Enrichment Report – Alicia Doherty

  • Each class will have a  field trip this fall according to theme.
  • Halloween special day- Elevation Hoops, Spooky Science, art. Looking for parent volunteers (contact Allison Schreiber).
  • Kirsten Rickenbach reported on Ski Enrichment- Discussion re distributing the ski program information at a learning conference (not at Thanksgiving Feast this year).

Treasurers Report – Alissa Morganti
  Squaw Prep

  • $5,000 anonymous donation for the science lab for Squaw Prep
  • Waiting on Ironman money- not sure how much we will get
  • $8,000 from Superbowl funds remaining to allocate to Squaw Prep


  • Bank balance: $36,000
  • Fees collected for enrichment: 111 students paid, 112 attending (nearly $27,000 collected to date)
  • Ski passes purchased for Mr. Eric and Olivia to help with Ski Enrichment Fridays
  • Playground equipment purchased
  • Melissa Hodous is still selling items on ebay from Superbowl and has taken in over $2,000

Directors report – Camille Taylor

  • survey sent out. Only 8 parents responded. Please complete the survey.
  • At the next meeting Camille to report on our assessment data for Creekside Testing.
  • Next CCM board meeting will address budgetary items- take a look at the website to view the agenda packet 7 days before the meeting. Call Camille if you have any questions about the agenda items before the board meeting.
  • Sunday, October 19: Stonyridge Revisited Breakfast at Rideout – all the proceeds go to fund the MUN trip to Montreal. $15 adults, $10 for students.
  • MUN 1 and MUN 2 is hosting a guest speaker in the village this weekend. Saturday, October 18, from 9a-2p.  Will also judge the simulation. Sugar Bowl Academy and Sagehen students are also participating.
  • Tech Infusion Thursdays will begin soon. Students (and possibly parents) will be able to sign up on google doc to get questions answered about their technology products.

Teachers report – Jessica Loring

  • playground equipment has been very well received.
  • please send PTO reminders to the teachers to post to parents in their weekly memos.
  • Big thank you to Alicia for her service and Melissa for the student directory.
  • Possible Fundraiser: Reno Aces reached out to Gillian, re potential fundraiser at their game(s) next summer 2015- depending on how many tickets are purchased, the school can get back 5-6$ per ticket. Jesse to look into this fundraiser and let Gillian know if PTO wants to take it.

 2. Discussion

Fall Fundraiser 

  1. Family Photo Shoot. 15 minute photo shoot per family. School charged each family $60, photographer charged $15, each family receives 10 digital images. Would need 1-2 people to get people to sign up and organize day(s) of event, Suggested venues: Cottonwood, Squaw, or Martis Valley Barn.
  2. Art Haus Tahoe City, Friday, December 5 (venue is confirmed). Event for adults – showcase student slides or movies. Andrew trying to secure a local band for entertainment. Need to launch the event and get the kids involved asap. Budget: venue will be free, can fit 180 people. Will need food/beverages. In conjunction with Parents Night Out (6-10pm). Andrew and Sonya taking lead on this.

Thanksgiving Feast

  • Andrew reached out to Brandon at Squaw to check on venue- Olympic Village Lodge.
  • Sonya offered to help organize the event this year.
  • Thursday, November 20. Set up 11:30, kids come over at noon.
  • Jesse suggested that kids should dress up for the Feast, to encourage better behavior?
  • Sonja suggested kids make invitations for the parents.
  • Appetizer table suggested to help control the hunger problems.

Homework Club

  • Question raised re Homework Club: anyway to get it back? Answer: not with our current facilities, but there are options of using aides as tutors. Gillian to ask aides to put together google doc with their specialties and contact information.

 3. Action Items

  • Trina made a motion to approve the December 5 Art Haus Fundraiser. Lisa seconded the motion. Vote: All were in favor; motion approved.
  • Alicia made a motion to approve the family photo shoot fundraiser. Brett seconded the motion. Vote: All were in favor; motion approved.

Adjourn 6:59 p.m.

Gillian made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Alicia seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Next PTO Meeting will be held November 19, 5:30 p.m.

Prepared by: Jenelle Potvin, PTO Secretary

Approved by the PTO on: ___________________________

PTO President Signature: ___________________________

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Agenda – PTO Meeting – Oct. 15, 2014

Creekside/Squaw Prep PTO Meeting
Wednesday, October 15
5:30 PM @ Creekside Charter School

1. Reports
Presidents Report – Jesse Desens
Enrichment Report – Alicia Doherty
Treasurers Report – Alissa Morganti
Directors report – Gillian Tomasini
Teachers report –
CCM report –

2. Discussion
Fall Fundraiser
Thanksgiving Feast
Squaw Prep Liasons

3. Action Items

4. Adjourn

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Volunteers Needed for Enrichment

Volunteers are needed for Friday Enrichment. Please sign up at the volunteer page or the link below.

Volunteers are the core and driving force within the PTO. Please help continue providing unique and wonderful opportunities for the students.

Fall Enrichment Volunteer Signup Sheet

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Creekside/SVP PTO BBQ – Wed. @ 4:30 PM

Creekside/SVP PTO BBQ
Wednesday, September 17 4:30 pm
Alpine Pond, Alpine Meadows

It’s a Potluck! Please bring a dish based on the grade your child is in:

K/1 Dessert
2/3 Sides/Salad
4/5 Burgers/dogs/buns
6/7 Drinks
8 – 11 chips/condiments
Please bring your own plates/cups/silverware.
All are welcome!


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Enrichment Friday Information

This Friday, Sept. 12, is the first day of Enrichment Classes!  Woo Hoo!  Here are a few details to keep in mind…..
What:  Weekly classes that engage students in academic, engaging, hands-on, thematic classes.  Classes will include science labs, social studies, art/crafts, cooking, games, PE, lego engineering, music and a field trip during the session. Check out for more details about teachers and classes.  Here are the themes by grade:
     K= Farms and Food
     1= Pioneer Life
     2= Water World
     3= Sierra Scientists
     4= Mythbusters (Science lab/scientific method oriented)
     5/6= Fox Walkers (Outdoor Ed/survival course)
When:  Every Friday, 9-2 for kindergarten-2nd, 9-2:30 for 3rd-6th.  K-2nd kids can stay til 2:30 with supervised playground time.  Please don’t drop kids off until 8:45.  You are welcome to play with your kids on the playground until then!
Who:  K-6th grades.
     Teachers: K= Olivia Cushing and aide Claire Foster, 1st= Bethany Lund and aide Lisa Stewart, 2nd= Michelle McCay Moran and Kat Smolen, 3rd= Headwaters Science Institute: Meg Seifert, Spencer Eusden, Mary Ellen Benier, 4th= Eric Mann, 5th/6th= 4 Elements Earth Education: Rick Berry and another 4EEE teacher
Where: Rideout Community Center, 740 Timberland Lane, Tahoe City
How:  Pay $275 for entire session, including 12 weeks of classes and special event days.  Please pay online via Pay Pal: or leave a check made out to Creekside PTO in Alicia’s box in the office or the PTO envelope in your child’s classroom.  There is a 22 student max in the 5th/6th class, so sign up soon- there are only a few spots left.  There is an EC and theater class offered at Creekside/SVP on Fridays for 5th/6th graders, so we are combining grades at enrichment for the smaller class sizes that we anticipate.
Why:  It is an awesome opportunity for your children to get the hands-on experience that they love and learn so much from.  It works out to less than $25 per day of instruction- a hard deal to beat!  We have fantastic teachers and a wonderful space with a playground, field, gym and great trails to explore.
Help:  We ask for parent volunteers each week- a fun and meaningful way to give volunteer hours to the school.  Please sign up on the website or respond to this email ( for this first week.  Parents help the day to run smoothly and are vital to the success of this program that is fueled by the PTO (that’s you).
Thanks everyone and see you on Friday!  Questions or concerns- (530) 308-0234.